Gone Hunting – Out there do’in it is an exciting new book by Gerard Abrams.  Written about the joys of hunting and being out there do’in it, as he says.  There is more to hunting that just firing a shot, there is also more to the hunter’s life than success on the hill.

The focus of the book is about practical, hands-on and knowledgeable, ideas and tips as well as the development of the author as a person.  This is a book you’ll find hard to put down.

About the Author:

Thirty years ago I watched the stroke of  a red pen decimate my incomprehensible sentences as I tried to capture the adventures.  My love for being out there in the mountains ‘do’in it’ has never been stronger.

I write from the heart and these days I share those experiences.  It is hard to believe I started my working life as an accountant because I don’t have many credits in the bank.  I have been spending those funds as quickly as they come in, my entire life, but I have accumulated a mind full of amazing savings.  I work very hard as I know this provides me with the funds to go hunting at any opportunity.  Hunting is my excuse to get out there into the back blocks of the South Pacific.  Writing my own series about those adventures is a dream come true.