We store for any such period of time when you place an order through our secure server, your name and personal contact details that you submit when placing an order on our site. If placing an order you may be automatically subscribed to our mailing list in which we do not use under any circumstances for any reason other than to promote our products or services only to the subscribed. Under no circumstance will we forward your details on to any third party other than your name, address and phone number to the parties involved with the delivery of the order. Or if an order is believed or found to be fraudulent in regards to credit card payments or other method of payment we may forward the details supplied onto the banks, Police and any other party that has an interest in the transaction.

When you visit our web site our web server automatically logs certain non-personally identifiable data about your visit. this data consists of the time of your visit, your domain name or IP address, the browser and the operating system you use, the pages you visit and any links you follow to or within our web site etc.

We have many partners that display advertisements to you from third party websites. If you have come directly from one of these third party websites they may use information tracked through the affiliate service provider (but have no access to your name, address, email, telephone, or payment method details). As we use affiliate marketing through certain channels the affiliates may have access to your order number if an order is placed, the sale amount, and products ordered but do not get access to any personal or personally identifiable or any financial information that you may have provided. We pay these third parties a commission for the order or in some circumstances a cost per click.