Travel around the world and you will find 100s of footys in famous places in Find the Footy.

Can you spot the footballs hidden among a host of famous landmarks and locations around the world? You might think the distinctive oval-shaped ball would be impossible to miss, but this colourful activity book will keep kids searching as they try to find the carefully concealed footys.

From Sydney’s Opera House to the Great Wall of China, and the Grand Canyon in America to Tower Bridge in London, each image features up to 12 balls–all you need to do is find them. There is also a host of other footy paraphernalia to spot, including goal posts and light towers. Each image has a key to identify what you are looking for and, if you are really stumped, answers are included at the back.

This fun activity book has been endorsed by footy favourite Dipper (Robert DiPierdomenico), who says: “I wish I was a kid again”, this book is a ripper.

Find the Footy is a great book for the kids to keep them busy during the holidays.