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Yak Fisher Australia Magazine – #39 Yak Fisher

  • Flying Under the Radar, Joe Brennan
  • Oranges Yellas and Bass, Dave Magner
  • Softly, Softly, Toby Grundy
  • Gearing up for Offshore, Eoin Corron
  • Basic Flathead Fundamentals, Dave Brace
  • Yak News, Robbie Waller
  • Yak Test: Aquayak Scout Fish, Robbie Waller
  • Gear Review, Robbie Waller
  • Quiz, Robbie Waller

About Yak Fisher Australia magazine

Kayak fishing is one of the fastest growing areas within the recreational fishing scene. Our initial efforts to include kayak fishing articles within Sport Fishing Australia magazine were met with such favour, that we decided to dedicate a whole new magazine to the pursuit. Yak Fisher magazine was born and combined with Sport Fishing Australia magazine to give anglers exceptional value in that they now receive two great magazines for the price of one. Yak Fisher was launched in autumn 2008. Its first issue was “feeling its way” with 12 pages of articles and reviews. Over the four years since, Yak Fisher has evolved and grown at an extraordinary rate and has established its own identity. In autumn 2011 Yak Fisher went to a flip cover, an exciting time and a result of its continuing growth and popularity. The latest issue, contains over 40 pages of technical fishing articles, product and kayak reviews, hints and tips as well as our instructional kayak DIY articles. Yak Fisher articles cover subjects of interest to readers with all levels of yak fishing expertise, from the beginner to the expert.

Yak Fisher is a technical magazine that kayak fishing enthusiasts have well and truly grasped as their own. As with all our magazines, we spend time securing the best journalists to provide hard earned information for you. We actively listen to requests you provide on the information you most want to get your hands on. Each magazine is strategically developed to give you the best balance of information you require to continue to enjoy your chosen pursuits in the best way possible.

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