Two complete videos in one DVD!

The Essence of Flycasting II – Advanced Flycasting

An instructional DVD for intermediate and advanced flycasters featuring distance casting, the bio mechanics of good form, fly rod action, application of power, and distance roll casting.

The Essence of Spey Casting

This video is more than a definitive manual of Spey casting. It offers a totally unique overview of all fly casts – each a valid fishing cast and each a stepping stone to modern Spey casting. Add the magic of Mel’s teachings with the superb photography of Thorarinn Agustsson and the result is instruction at its best amid the wonders of Iceland.

“Spey casting for me is a new mountain – each plateau in the climb more exciting than the last.” – Mel Krieger

About the Presenter

Mel Krieger is recognised internationally as the foremost instructor of flycasting today. His teachings have established world wide standards in flycasting.