Welcome to issue 158 of Freshwater Fishing Magazine. Packed full of amazing articles and offers for your holiday reading. The social and mainstream media saturation of chasing Murray cod with lures has introduced a myriad of new anglers to our wonderful sport.  Andy McGovern provides a reminder there is more to cod fishing than swimbaits, glidebaits and wakebaits that will tempt our mighty green fish. Adam Royter explains a few basic trout spinning tips on how to select lures for different water conditions, and he does it in his own unique style. With such a variety of lures available on the shelves of tackle stores, swimbaits have certainly earnt a place Aussie tackle boxes according to Dan Nogare. Chris Errity travels to one Northern Territory river that fishes well early in the wet season, the picturesque Daly River. Lake Wendouree is nestled in the middle of Ballarat, a bit over an hour from Melbourne, and it’s a favourite for local angler Shane Stevens.  Lubin Pfeiffer runs through the tactics he uses to find golden perch in the South Australian stretch of the Murray River. Trevor Hawkins revisits the home waters of one of his favourite writers. The Tully River System is one of the most aesthetically pleasing and picturesque places Colby Lesko ever fished, and shares his thoughts here. Walking a meandering, rainforest stream into the wilderness may not be every angler’s idea of an idyllic fishing scenario. It can be extremely taxing on the mind and body, however for those anglers willing to push their bodies to breaking point, there are certainly great rewards to be reaped as Luke Galea explains. Trevor Hawkins discusses the state of Victoria’s ‘wild’ trout fishery in an environment of social and climactic change, and he also explores some remote Victorian ‘wild’ trout streams that can only be reached by extreme four-wheel driving or shanks’s pony. Brendon Spicer takes a look at the how, when and where of fishing soft plastic yabby patterns when chasing trout, while Lubin Pfeiffer discusses the ins and outs of hopper
fishing for fly anglers. We have also included a Trout Lure Guide, in which we’ve featured the top 3 trout lures styles from Australian angler’s favourite brands. Roderick Walmsley discusses unlocking some of the puzzles posed by dam barramundi.

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