Freshwater Fishing Australia 151

Issue 151 of Freshwater Fishing Magazine is jam-packed with the latest techniques and locations.

Issue 151 of Freshwater Fishing Australia magazine is a bumper read with a fantastic variety of articles and techniques. In our last issue, Marc Ainsworth and Anthony Forster introduced the ‘pro-active’ Victorian Fisheries Authority ‘CARE FOR COD’ campaign. In this issue, Anthony goes into more detail to explain more of the history and rationale behind this creative campaign to enhance our most iconic freshwater sportfish. Colby Lesko delves into the Darling River to explore all manner of big cod possibilities for inland anglers.

When it comes to selecting jighead and soft plastic combinations, Andrew McGovern believes that the key to success is to mix it up a bit, rather than stick with the status quo. Trevor Hawkins offers a brief overview of some of the most reliable and heavily fished trout rivers below Victoria’s Lake Eildon, while Nige Webster takes us on a freshwater adventure through tropical North Queensland in search of three species of fish that are all apex predators in their domain, each of which requires some specialist understanding, techniques, and a little luck to snare in a single trip. Trevor Hawkins ponders the benefits of making more of an effort to introduce kids and women to a life of fishing and reducing the stigma of this fantastic pastime being a male dominated domain. While on the topic of kids and fishing, Marc Ainsworth says enthusing the next generation about fishing isn’t easy in the digital screen-age, but explains it can be worth all the effort to kids, male and female getting excited by ‘going fishing’. Every angler gets a real kick from watching fish swim about in their natural environment, but for many anglers, that is just the icing on the cake when it comes to wearing polarised sunglasses for an anglers longterm eye health according to Trevor Hawkins. Mark Gercovich explains why using large minnow type lures work on the Merri and Hopkins Rivers and the lakes in western Victoria. The red gum forests that blanket the beds of most rivers across the Murray Darling Basin have finally been revealed again after two years of high and swollen rivers, and Rhys Creed explains how best to approach these low flowing rivers to attain the best results. After a lull in the early 2000’s, when Aussie lure makers declined in numbers, we now find there has been a sudden resurgence! Aussie luremakers are innovative, resourceful, and super talented, and creating lures to the highest of world standards.

Those are just a few of the key articles in this issue, there are more of course, including all the latest gear, reviews and in-depth columns.