Freshwater Fishing Australia 150

Issue 149 of Freshwater Fishing Magazine is jam-packed with the latest techniques and locations.

In this, our landmark 150th issue of Freshwater Fishing Australia Magazine, we have gone back over those 150 issues and looked at freshwater fishing in Australia, the changes of techniques and tackle that have occurred and been written about in this magazine over that time. We note our staff, past and present, contributors and readers, all of whom have in some way contributed to reaching our 150 issues. The Upper Macquarie River remains a wild river at heart according to Joe Brennan, and he reckons the fishing and history on this iconic river are best experienced from a canoe. Colby Lesko predicts a huge future for Tullaroop Reservoir, with early signs suggesting big trout are on the cards for those that take the time to work out this waterway over the winter period. Nige Webster recounts his relationship with Freshwater Fishing Magazine, and its creator, Bill Classon, and looks back at much has changed in the freshwater fishing scene over the past three decades. Dean Norbiato casts back 30 years and traces the evolution of lures used to lure the mighty Murray cod, our largest freshwater native fish. Braving the icy winds, and cold temperatures of winter in search of freshwater laviathans can test even the keenest of anglers, but the real possibility of encountering huge greenbacks during this time of the year makes it almost impossible to avoid explains Dan Nogare.