Freshwater Fishing Australia 145

The Jul/August of Freshwater Fishing Australia is once again bursting at the seams with great tips; techniques and locations for all those dedicated freshwater anglers out there.

Winter is one of those times of year that can either excite you as an angler because its often the best time to target big trout, or do the complete opposite and plunder you into a lonely place counting down the days to the next season. Andrew McGovern explains why it should excite you and how to use winter to your fishing advantage. Rod Mackenzie looks to the surface water in search of monster Murray cod. Needing a trout fix in the depths of winter means searching lakes for feeding trout. Trevor Hawkins discusses how you can search and catch more fish by concentrating on where these winter feeders may be congregating. Adam Royter continues his very informative advanced luring for trout series by taking a closer look at lures. Barramundi aren’t the first species that spring to mind when anglers are deciding on a fish species to target in winter; however, as  Roderick Walmsley  explains, they can be just the ticket to snap you out of your winter slumber and stretch your arms.