Freshwater Fishing Australia 139

Freshwater Fishing Australia 139 is jam-packed with the latest techniques and locations.

Nigel Webster’s story on Drift Rigging the Spawn Run. In this issue he reflects on 20 years of trout flies, spin gear and spawn run fish and finds that ‘drift rigging’ is still as effective and engaging as it was two decades ago.

Colby Lesko shares some handy tips for getting amongst some of the trophy-sized fish in Victoria’s Moorabool Reservoir.

Andrew McGovern provides his second and final installment of Burrinjuck Dam.  He drills down into the techniques, methods and locations of the Upper Murrumbidgee Arm and the Yass River Arm.

Victorian Trout at the Crossroads.  Trevor Hawkins suggests that to get our once fabulous trout fishery back on track and thriving again may take some lateral thinking from both trout anglers and fisheries managers.

Browns at Night.  Andrew McGovern explains about Big Murray Cod, Bass and Barramundi are close to the top of the freshwater fish species list that fee and hunt at night.  But there’s a species that knock them off their perch to claim first place, and that species is the mighty Brown Trout!

Lake Lunkers: Dean Norbiato takes a fresh look at luring a lunker from our inland lakes and dams.

Spinnerbaits: AFN Pro Staff

Gangster Lures – Breast Cancer Fundraiser Spinnerbait: 

The Trip I Found Cod!  When it comes to any form of fishing, you have to crawl before you walk.  In Sammy Hitzke’s case, he excelled quickly in the cod walk during his first trip to tick off the greenfish from his bucket list.

Fish & Fisheries – Solving Victoria’s Wild Trout Mysteries – Part 2.

The Wrong Location The Right Result – Lure Casting for Murray Cod.  James Dainton found himself in the unlikely situation of turning up at the wrong location for what was initially a highly anticipated fishing session.

Eildon Pondage Part 2 – Lure & Fly:  Trevor Hawkings revisits the Eildon Pondage and discusses the lure and flyfishing potential of this fantastic fishery close to Melbourne.

Wake up to your Yourself:  Stephen Booth takes a detailed look into wakebait methods for XOS Cod.

There’s more of course, including all the regular columns and all the latest news and reviews.