Freshwater Fishing Australia 137 is jam-packed with the latest techniques and locations.

Stephen Booth details part two on fishing Lake Mulwala. In this issue he heads south to share all of the intricacies of the lower half of this iconic native fishery. It’s information not to be missed.

Sam Hitzke fishes the surface in search of hard hitting Australian bass. Andrew McGovern concludes his very informative and in-depth look at Lake Eucumbene by focusing on its most popular area, around Anglers Reach and Providence. Despite the Victorian drought causing problems for people on the land and shutting down some marginal fisheries, those lakes that are still holding water are making the fishing easier by concentrating the fish according to Scott Gray.

Having spent several decades successfully chasing Australia’s most common native species, Andrew McGovern details his proven land based lure techniques to capture gigantic football shaped golden perch. Jason Ehrlich profiles what in his estimation are the top 6 fisheries for targeting Murray cod and golden perch in the southern half of Queensland.

Colby Lesko strikes gold at Victoria’s Lake Cairn Curran, and shares his top tips to help you get amongst them. Not far from Melbourne’s urban sprawl is a trout stream that’s perfect for beginners and advanced anglers alike according to Michael Wintrip. Dean Norbiato reflects on just how important local knowledge can be in kick-starting your catch rate to new levels. Roderick Walmsley believes stickbaits can be the key to unlocking wily dam dwelling barra. James Dainton proves that persistence in the face of adversity is always a good idea, and Lubin Pfeiffer discusses the how and why of competition flyfishing. Plus of course, there’s all the latest gear, boat and motor reviews and more in Freshwater Fishing Australia 137.

Freshwater Fishing Australia 137

Locations in this issue:

Lake Mulwala Lower Half

Lake Eucumbene

Lake Cairn Curran

King Parrot Creek

QLD’s Top 6 Cod and Gold Perch Dams

Technical Articles:

Competition Fly Fishing

Using local knowledge to catch more fish

Targeting fish in drought conditions

All this and more in Freshwater Fishing Australia 137