In this issue, #160 of Freshwater Fishing Australia magazine, Stephen Booth takes us on an epic journey of over 30 years of fishing Lake Mulwala, a journey that has revealed a mountain of knowledge. In the winter of 2019, Nathan Huizing had the opportunity to live and fish in the tropical Whitsunday region of North Queensland, catch up with that tale here. The best time to catch big brown trout is under the cloak of darkness, and Andy McGovern outlines all you need to know on where to find these big after dark impoundment trout and how to land that true trophy. The East Alligator River is one of the most picturesque and exciting rivers to fish in the Top End of Australia, Chris Errity explains why.  Trevor Stow takes a quick look at the impact of the recent major fires on the landscape and trout that swept through East Gippsland in late 2019 and early 2020 and tells how at least on iconic river seems to have survived. Adam Royter discusses targeting river trout on plastics. The Liffey River in Tasmania’s north is a beautiful little steam that provides some excellent fishing opportunities for keen fly anglers explains Lubin Pfeiffer. Tim Vincent looks in some very unlikely places and finds chasing bream in the fresh a fascinating target. Rod Mackenzie delves into the tactics of trolling for cod and asks, have we forgotten the role of the troll? Shane Stevens discusses the history and fishing options on Lake Wendouree. Toby Grundy expands on his luring technique for natives to include rivers. For most trout anglers, catching a five-pound fish is a huge accomplishment, and a ten pound fish is a lifetime dream, Frank Pokop discusses an angler that regularly caught trout over 20 pound.  Anthony Forster & Taylor Hunt bust some myths relating to wild trout. Trevor Hawkins gives the lowdown on collecting, rigging and fishing mudeyes. Plus of course, there’s all the latest gear, reviews and more that you’ve come to expect from Australias top fishing magazine.