With around 2000 activities and 4000 sites

Australia Free is the ultimate guide to Australia for the budget conscious traveller.
It has one simple purpose: to bring to you, the traveller, and the best FREE places
to stay, FREE things to do, and FREE sights to see.
The guidebook’s author, Mike Koch, has meticulously researched, investigated,
photographed, documented and personally visited the thousands of locations that
are yours to stay, visit and enjoy for FREE. It has taken more than three years and
over 200,000 km to record these activities, sights and campsites, many of which
have not previously been formally documented.
Each free activity and rest/camp area is photographed and a brief description of
what to expect is incorporated on each page. Detailed maps along with GPS
co-ordinates, addresses makes finding these places easy. So – let’s take a look at
how you could have a fun vacation on a shoestring budget

This truly is the ultimate guidebook for exploring Australia on a budget.