Who wants to catch a Murray Cod??

YES – then this is the ultimate BIG COD attractor lure for you!!

Incredible action from a new type of Soft Plastic…Formula X!

This new Formula X plastic is softer and tougher than traditional soft plastic. It is the ultimate soft bait material.

The 10 inch Aussie Redfin, has a fully life like action that is incredible to watch. This lure can be cast, retrieved and can be trolled. Just mix up the speed of your retrieve – fast to slow, to burn and always throw in at lease one right angle turn at boatside.

Removable weight system: Life like lures come with a removable weight. With the weight in place you can fish the bait faster and or deeper. Remove the weight to fish slower and shallow. Just take off the split ring and slide the weight on or off, very cool feature! Comes with XOS trebles, interconnected for added strength and stinger with stainless dropwire!