Make Trax FREE Camps Australia is the essential guide to Australia’s free and low cost camp sites.
With over 4765 free and budget sites around Australia listed and 3267 described, Make Trax FREE
Camps with Australia Atlas contains everything you need to know to prepare for a fantastic
journey of discovery into Australia’s great outdoors.

This book will help ensure you travel safely, confident in knowing where you are going and where
you can camp on your journey. Detailed up-to-date notes are provided on campsites as well as
GPS coordinates. Points of interest at locations are highlighted as well as cities, towns and key
topographical features like rivers and creeks.

Also included is an updated Australia Atlas that features major highways, roads, tracks and
arterials to help ensure you get to wherever you want in the Australian outdoors. This atlas
features the highest detail in the outback areas of Australia.

Whether you’re a ‘grey nomad’ planning your dream, once-in-a-lifetime adventure trip into
Australia’s great outdoors, or a seasoned camper looking for the very best locations to stay, Make
Trax FREE Camps Australia is the essential book to own and carry with you on your journey – It
features the very best Australian Atlas combined with all the camp sites along the way.

Concealled Spiral Hard Cover – Full Color 310 pages