• TYING JD NEWEST PATTERNS In this video discover the magic of Jack’s new Para-Wulff series of dry flies. This revolutionary new method of forming a divided wing parachute allows the Hair Wing Wulff series to become spring creek and stillwater killers.
  • Expand your fly tying skills with Mike Lawson and Jack Dennis in Tying Western Dry and Trout Flies. This DVD is packed with easy to understand tips on how to tie their most effective dry flies. You'll find out how to select the right materials, with a look at deer, caribou, elk, moose hair and calf tail hairs.
  • In this episode, Jon and Adam take a raw, unboxed compound bow and rig it ready to shoot arrows. Join them as they take you through the entire process, from installing the peep sight to sighting in. They leave no stone unturned to set up this bow. If you are new to the sport or just want to learn more, then this is the show for you!
  • This map includes Ayers Rock (Uluru), the Olgas (Kata Tjuta) and Kings Canyon (Watarrka), it features a detailed road map as well as National Park maps, walking maps full cour photographs and cultural, historical and tourist information. Features:
    • Unique number coding system links points of interest on the face of each outback map to text on reverse side.
    • Historical and Exploration related information provided with most maps. Explorers tracks are shown on most maps.
    • Help boxes on the map contain information gained from the author's experiences in the area.
    • Permit information and important phone numbers included where known.
    • Important travel information relating to 4WD, Camping and Caravanning is included.
    • Most tracks are checked with GPS and laptop computer.
    • Westprint Maps are specially folded for ease of use in vehicles.
    • Westprint Maps are progressively revised and include Grid Lines for GPS referencing and numbered GPS locations list.
    Outback Australia is one of the world's unique regions and this map has been designed to enhance your enjoyment of it.
  • In Fly Tying Basics, Jack Dennis demonstrates the basics of fly tying with simple, step by step instructions. There's also information on the tools required, selection of materials and the basics elements of flies. In the 2nd disc, Fly Materials, Scott Sanchez shows you how to tie flies using both traditional and new materials. Scott has gained a reputation for creating innovative flies made from experimental materials, and now you can put those flies to the test!
  • UNDERSTAND YOUR DEPTH SOUNDER Rick Huckstepp shows all the important information to assist you in understanding and using your depth sounder.
  • Map 13: Vic Western Lakes •Pine Lake •Dock Lake •Lake Bellfield •Lake Wartook •Taylors Lake •Green Hill Lake •Green Lake •Lake Fyans •Lake Charlegrark •Lake Natimuk