Trol A Matic is the best device to slow down for supreme control while trolling. This baffle systems slows your boat right down! When your boat is on the plane, the spring-loaded system simply pops up out of the way and you're back to full speed! Best of all, it's lightweight and doesn't corrode! Designed for any engine 40HP and above.
  • TROPICAL ESTUARIES TACTICS #1 Filmed at Hinchinbrook Island, this DVD outlines all the tactics required to catch a myriad of Sportfish in our Northern estuaries
  • Trout Fishing Tactics is a compilation of the best trout-orientated articles from Freshwater Fishing Australia magazine that will help you catch more trout and expand your knowledge and trout fishing skills. Expert writers give you what's needed to catch these elusive trout wherever and whatever the conditions.
  • Australia Trout Food, Trout Flies and How to Catch Them covers Australian insects in detail, and looks at the fish flies that imitate them. This is the best guide to fly fishers wanting to match Australian insects with the correct fly, outlines more than 200 Aussie fly patterns.
  • TROUT TACTICS Join Steve Williamson from Lake Jindabyne Fishing Adventures, Lenny Vanderwaal, David Bessell, Bill Classon and Jeff Hohenhaus as they show you how to catch trout on lake Jindabyne, one of Australia’s most consistant and productive trout lakes. FREE CHRISTMAS STOCKING WITH EVERY ORDER!!
  • TROUT TROLLING TACTICS Trolling is one of the most productive and challenging methods of catching freshwater fish. This is aimed at the trolling angler who wants to turn time spent travelling on a lake into time catching fish!
  • Trout Waters of Tasmania contains information on every lake, stream and estuary available to anglers on the Apple Isle. This book has everything that you need to know about trout when planning a trip to Tasmania. Full colour maps of major rivers and lakes contain access points plus the lakes' full-supply levels, typical operating levels and inundated waterways.
  • TUNA TACTICS #1 Join television fishing identity, Lee Rayner, offshore on the south west coast of Australia, from Port Fairy, Portland and Port MacDonnell chasing the famed southern bluefin tuna. These tuna have made a remarkable comeback in recent years.