Col Roberts is regarded as Australia’s and one of the world’s top fishing, wildlife and landscape photographers. The author has been a true pioneer in the Australian game and sport fishing movement. The author has was bestowed with Life Membership of both the Northern Territory Game Fishing Association and the Game Fishing Association of Australia.

The Fishing Wild represents over eleven years of work travelling within Australia and overseas in search of wild fishing places, many of which have never been fi shed before. In these travels the author has put personal safety at risk to report on new and exciting destinations including the discovery of bonefish and black bass fishing grounds in Indonesia’s West Papua region  Never one to follow in other’s footsteps the author loves nothing more than planning his next fishing destination – many of which are difficult to access – across the globe.

His award winning images are in high demand and regularly appear in various publications world-wide. The author would rather get a great photo of a fish rather than the actual act of catching one and is still as enthusiastic today about recording the wonderful fishing environment and its wildlife as when he first commenced photography.