Spring is upon us, and as the water and air temperatures begin to warm, a whole new variety of fish species and fishing techniques come into play. Fishing is one of those activities that almost anyone can enjoy, yet when it comes to participation women don’t feature heavily in the numbers, and this lack of ladies in fishing is something that the Victorian Fisheries Authority (VFA) wants to change. Read about what they are planning to correct this imbalance. Colby Lesko explores Mission Beach, a tropic fisher’s paradise located some 2 hours drive south of Cairns. If youre planning to visit, this makes a great read. Nige Webster takes us on a remote trip that offered some mind-blowing fishing and lessons learnt, in this article he explains how isolated sea mount fisheries work. After a lull in the early 2000’s when Aussie lure maker numbers declined, there has been a sudden resurgence, and in this issue, we look at Aussie luremakers who are world standouts, and above all are – innovative – resourceful and extremely talented. The Australian Fishing and Trade Association (AFTA) 2018 annual show was recently held on the Gold Coast. It attracts manufacturers, distributers and retailers of the fishing industry, and ancillary outdoor equipment suppliers. In this issue we feature a full round up of what’s hot and new for your tackle bag in the coming months.

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