Autumn is upon us, and as the water begins to cool a whole new list of fish species and fishing techniques come into play for Australian anglers. In Sport Fishing Australia 73 we turn our attention to fishing for kingies, bluefin tuna, golden perch, Murray cod and more.

We take a closer look at why Sammy Hitzke urges anglers to resist the temptation to fish deep and instead target the shallows in search of big bad brawlers. Chasing super-sized kingfish in shallow water is one of the most exhilarating forms of fishing, especially for southern state anglers. Lubin Pfeiffer shares his tips on getting amongst a few southern hoodlums.

Pat Williams discusses the methods required to catch school jewfish in the wash zone. Jason Ehrlich tackles some exotic freshwater delights from the Wenlock river. Scott Gray takes a look at the rise of Victoria’s bluefin fishery that just seems to be getting better each season. He also shares some top tips to help you get amongst the action on these amazing speedsters.
Andrew McGovern discusses a few of our most popular fresh and saltwater species and shows how you can best target them in various situations, while Glen Stewart looks to the United States for inspiration to find a new technique to target our very own golden perch. Bryn Mathew discovers that patience, persistence and a lot of determination is the key to catching the lower Murray rivers gigantic inhabitants.
All that and more can be found in this issue of Sportfishing Australia 73 magazine!

Sport Fishing Australia 73

Locations & Technical Articles:

  • Southern Bluefin Tuna
  • The Victorian Charter Boat Scene
  • Lower Murray River
  • Shallow Water Kingfish
  • Mulloway in the surf
  • Golden Perch on Skirted Jigs
  • Advanced Stickbaiting
  • Surface Lures

+ Much more in the latest issue of Sport Fishing Australia 73