In the third edition of Sport Fish DVD Bill Classon, Nige Webster and the rest of the team get you started on mackerel fishing, show you where to find bream in Docklands, discover the secrets of the trout cod, travel to the floodplains of the Northern Territory to hunt barra, test soft plastics on surf salmon and trout, and head offshore from Ceduna in South Australia. Plus, we’ll show you how to fillet whiting and tie the Albright knot. Run time – 140 mins

Segment Listing
  • Mackerel Tactics
  • Docklands Bream
  • Trout Cod Story
  • Floodplain Barra
  • Ceduna Offshore
  • Surf, Salmon & Soft Plastics
  • Deep Water Plastics & I Pilot
  • Soft Plastic Trout
  • Fish Filleting: Whiting
  • Knot – Albright Knot