In the second edition of Sport Fish DVD Bill Classon, Nige Webster and the rest of the team chase mega barra in Awoonga dam, take a look at everything you need to know to catch mudeye, check out the golden perch fishing at Eildon, catch snapper on soft plastics and show you how to catch squid. We also head offshore at Port Lincoln and head to New Zealand, flyfishing for trout. Plus we show you how to fillet snapper, tie the Centuari knot and set up a whiting rig. Run time – 150 mins

Segment Listing
  • Awoonga Mega Barra
  • Mudeye Tactics
  • Eildon Golden Perch
  • Snapper on Soft Plastics
  • Squid Fishing Tactics
  • New Zealand Mouse Feeders
  • Port Lincoln Offshore
  • Filleting – Snapper
  • Knot – Centuari Knot
  • Rigs – Whiting