In the tenth edition of Sport Fish DVD Bill Classon, Nige Webster and the rest of the team have collected the best fishing action and information from around Australia. Up in the northern half; Spanish mackerel off Dundee Beach, big game fish like mahi mahi and marlin, whiting in Moreton Bay, pelagic barra trolling and polaroiding coral flats for reef species. Down south; tips for catching black bream in and around jetties, kayak fishing for Murray cod, crankbaiting trout in the high country, tips for catching whiting using fresh bait, and we catch Murray cod in the Yarra River. Run time – 135 mins

Segment Listing
  • Finessing Black Bream
  • Polaroiding Coral Flats
  • Trolling Marlin
  • Brisbane Whiting
  • Mackerel, Mahi Mahi & Marlin on Troll Baits
  • Dundee Beach
  • Spanish Mackerel
  • Melbourne Murray Cod
  • The Uni Knot