Hunting Rusa Deer with Noel O’Connor, was filmed in New Caledonia.  The DVD follows the adventures of 4 hunters as they embark on a guided hunt.

Watch as they get to glass hundreds of deer each day, and share their excitement as each hunter gets to select and shoot a trophy of a lifetime.

From the coastal mangrove swamps to the mountain ranges of this beautiful country the deer numbers are astounding.  A unique experience if offered in New Caledonia, with the best free range Rusa Deer hunting is offered in the world.

About New Caledonia

New Caledonia is a French protectorate. The population is a mix of French colonials (many who have been in the country for generations,) the native Melanesians and a small variety of other races.  The main industry was strongly based on nickel, however, the importance of this is diminishing.  Tourism has had an increasing importance. Coffee and other crops are also grown.

The seas around the island are rich in exotic fish and coral – New Caledonia forms the outer boundary of the Coral Sea (site of a major sea battle during World War II).  It was also the base for major concentrations of allied troops during that time, as well as a forward staging area for aircraft operating in the Pacific theatre.

The only time to hunt for Javan Rusa Deer in New Caledonia is during the rut from mid-July to mid-August each year.