Our Autumn issue of Freshwater Fishing Magazine #155, is jam-packed with the latest techniques and locations. No stranger to native fish, Lubin Pfeiffer explores new ground in search of an Aussie brawler that has, until now, eluded him. Toby Vesty discusses chasing cod in small waters. While Andrew McGovern details just how effective soft plastics are when searching for golden perch in rivers. It’s been a record-breaking summer for Murray cod and golden perch stocking into Lake Eildon as Marc Ainsworth explains in his contribution. Adam Royter offers some basic thoughts about using soft plastics to their full potential. Colby Lesko looks at the little things that make all the difference when chasing cod off the top. Trevor Hawkins suggests that once you get your head around the idea of paying people to take you fishing, hiring a guide can be the best investment you can make to speed up your learning curve on your home waters, or to put you onto fish when visiting foreign locations. While in another article, he suggests anglers should get back out there and start fishing after the devastating fires impacted Tasmania’s Central Highlands this past summer. There’s lots more of course, including all the latest gear, reviews and in depth columns.