Freshwater Fishing Australia 147

Our 30th Anniversary Issue of Freshwater Fishing Magazine. Packed with amazing articles and offers for your holiday reading. Frank Prokop casts his mind back to the days when a few good men went above and beyond to ensure the future of our iconic Murray cod. Trevor Hawkins also reminisces, and takes a brief stroll through 30 years of Freshwater Fishing Magazine and its relationship with flyfishing. Big cod are no longer strangers to Mick Caulfield, and for over 12 months now he has been focussed on just one thing: mastering big cod tactics on Lake Eildon, he shares his knowledge here.

Andrew McGovern delves through the decades to uncover some of the biggest changes in trout fishing tackle, techniques and lures from then till now. Lubin Pfieffer visits Lake Toolondo in Victoria’s west, one of his favourite lakes and an epic trophy trout fishery; one glance at the average size and quality of fish taken in this lake since it has refilled with water makes it obvious as to why it’s back on the radar of every keen trout angler chasing big browns. Barramundi are an amazing fish, and there are very few anglers that don’t have them on their ‘bucket’ list, Jason Ehrlich explains how you can go about turning dreams into reality when chasing a big impoundment barra. Trevor Hawkins discusses the latest fishing regulation changes introduced for some Victorian trout waters, where we stand now with those changes, and how the Victorian Fishing Authority can solidify and strengthen angler goodwill with a little more tweaking of the regulations. Colby Lesko provides the ‘low down’ on four of Victoria’s best south-west trout rivers, while Norbs divulges the secrets to unlocking your first metre-plus Murray cod. There’s more of course, including all the regular columns, Mick Hall’s FlyTalk and all the latest news and reviews.