Bushman Brooks – Arnhem Land and Sea will take you for a drive out into the Arnhem Land scrub to bowhunt Water Buffalo. With permission granted from the local Elders in exchange for meat, Bushman Brooks get’s right into the thick of it from day one.

After feeding the local community for a couple of days, Bushman Brooks meets up with his regular fishing buddies and the next chapter of this adventure unfolds.

Barramundi, Fingermark, Grunter, Queenfish, Tea-Leaf Trevally, Sharks, Batfish, Stargazers, Barracuda… and the odd catfish.

After several days fishing the croc infested rivers and filling the freezer, the boys head out across the open water to explore the surrounding reefs and islands.

This DVD by Bushman Brooks is sure to take you on a journey to this most interesting part of Australia.  Great for those who like hunting, fishing or for those  just enjoying the spectacular scenery in the part of Australia.