• 5 LED Cap Light - Perfect for fishing & the outdoors! - includes batteries!
  • ANBI Switch - Battery Isolator - Beat the flat battery blues! Ideal for the car, boat, caravan, jet ski, tractor or truck!  
  • Keep your drinks cold and your food fresh at your next party or family gathering with the Polar Crate drink cooler! It also keeps food hot .Durable and high quality, the Polar Crate features a convenient, collapsible design, and is fully insulated to keep your drinks cool - no ice required! Plus, it boasts a whopping 39 litre capacity, holding up to 60 cans, so you'll never run low on bevvies! Perfect for family picnics, birthday parties and backyard BBQs, not to mention camping and fishing trips with the boys! • Polar Crate Drink Cooler • Materials: Polystyrene • Convenient collapsible folding design • Durable & high quality
  • Snap Capps are great for picnics, parties, work, camping, in the car, at your desk, on your boat or anywhere your canned drink might be in danger of spilling. Snap Capps will help keep your drink from going flat and keep the bees and bugs out of your canned beverage. Whether your preferred drink is soft drink, beer or an energy drink, keep it safe with Snap Capp!

    Telescopic Camping Fork

    AFN's Telescopic Camping Fork is a must have for any campsite and is great for cooking sausages or marshmallows around the fire. The heavy duty design includes a cushioned grip handle and a retractable body that extends from 25cm to 84cm so you can always reach the best coals. Handle comes in black, red, green and blue.
  • Telescopic Spatula

    AFN's Telescopic Spatula  is a must have for the Home, BBQ or ideal for campsite cooking. The heavy duty design includes a cushioned grip handle and a retractable body that extends from 7cm to 65cm. The extendable handle will allow you to keep yourself and your family at safe distance from the fire.  No more getting hot hands, arms and setting those pants on fire. Different coloured cushion grip handles so you can all have your own.  Black, red, green and blue.