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    Cookery School Fish has all you need to know about the main ingredient that is seafood. This book is designed for both the novice and the experienced cook. Sections include: How to choose and store fish; preparation techniques such as filleting, scaling and boning, as well as equipment. Recipes cover: Roasting and Baking; Frying; Grilling and barbecuing; Poaching, Braising and Stewing; Steaming and microwaving; Raw, cured and smoked fish.
  • Learn to tie climbing knots safely with the revised and updated edition of Knots for Climbers. In Craig Leubben's bestseller, he looks at all of the essential knots that all climbers needs to know, as well as a collection of additional knots for special situations. This edition includes new illustrations and colour photos to make tying them easy, as well as photos of the knots being used in real world climbing situations.

  • Cooking in the bush has never been easier or tastier thanks to Australian Bush Cooking. This book covers everything from roasts to rissoles, salads to savouries and dampers to desserts. The recipes have all been designed so they can easily be cooked in the bush or on the road on an open fire, gas cooker or in a caravan.
  • Travelling the Outback is designed to make your outback journey as safe and enjoyable as possible which is why a vast array of topics are covered including route planning, gathering information on your trip, preparing your vehicle, selecting equipment and of course everything you need to know once your journey has begun.
  • Get the most out of cooking on your travels with Viv Moon's Travellers Cook Book. This cook book is packed with recipes that are ideal for caravanning, camping, 4WD touring or even just around the house! There's a wide variety of recipes from old favourites through to modern cuisine, and every one of them is simple and delicious!
  • Camping Guide to Australia

    The newly revised 2nd edition of Boiling Billy's Camping Guide to Australia is the complete guide to more than 3,000 campsites and camping areas, of which more than half of them are free! For every campsite there's information on the facilities and activities in the area, access details and location descriptions. These campsites can be found in national parks, state forests, conservation parks, the outback and anywhere else in the country! In addition to the campsite directory, there's 52 regional maps, 180 national park maps and a 120 page national road map. The Camping Guide to Australia is the most popular and trusted guide to camping right around the country. Spiral bound.
  • 4WD Treks Close to Melbourne showcases 20 of the best 4WD day and weekend trips around Melbourne. This revised 3rd edition in