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  • Our spring edition #152 of Freshwater Fishing Magazine is jam-packed with the latest techniques, locations and information to help you catch your favourite freshwater sportfish. Big cod can be hard to hook at times explains Mick Caulfield, and in this second part of his Eildon articles he outlines some of the tricks he uses to improve his hook-up rate! Before venturing up to Lake Eildon, Trevor Hawkins explores a few more fly streams below the lake, including the mighty Goulburn River. There are now a number of fantastic large Murray cod fisheries scattered all across the Murray-Darling Basin. The rivers provide traditional cod populations, while the stocked impoundments are now becoming a major draw card according to Colby Lesko. Nige Webster recently returned from a road trip filming and fishing the billabongs of the Northern Territory, he reckons it’s a trip every angler needs to undertake once in their lifetime, and in this article Nige shares a few tips and techniques to put into practise when you’re turn comes. Good fisheries management and local angler support and involvement are reaping rewards for the Nagambie district according to Trevor Hawkins, he gives an overview to one of the new murray cod fisheries taking Victoria by storm. Not all bites from Murray cod are the same, as Marc Ainsworth explains in his always informative column.  Fishing is an activity that almost anyone can enjoy, all you need is a willingness to learn and a sense of adventure – qualities shared by both men and women. Read about the drive by the VFA to get more women fishing. The article listed are just the tipo of the iceberg, there’s a great selection of articles and columns, including all the latest gear, reviews, lure information and in depth reviews.
  • Our summer issue #153 of Freshwater Fishing Magazine is packed with an amazing array of articles and content for your holiday season reading. Nige Webster recently fished the Windamere Golden Classic Tournament and was staggered by how much he learnt. In this article he shares some generally secretive tournament winning strategies. Brendon Spicer discusses the use of spoons and wobblers to catch trout. Dan Nogare chases golden nuggets. Not all snags are created equal  as Marc Ainsworth discovered during a visit to Lake Mulwala last autumn, he shares his thoughts and ideas. Andrew McGovern has spent two decades targeting freshwater species on soft plastics around the world, and he passes on some of his discoveries and how they can be adapted to suit our Australian freshwater fish in this fascinating read. Mat Skoropa prospects the fringes in search of portly golden perch, while Steve Booth prospects the banks on blades and uncovers gold. There’s a guide for those fishing fresh water for barra in the NT by our resident experts. Colby Lesko prospects the depths in search of big impoundment cod, while Toby Vesty gambles on Blowering for the first time and wins big!. Trevor Hawkins offers a brief overview of some of the rivers that make up the Snowy River catchment, and in another article he discusses some of his favourite dry flies for chasing trout in Australia. There’s more of course, including all the regular columns, the latest news and reviews to keep you entertained over the summer period.
  • The freshwater fishing across Australia is in full swing, and our March/April issue, #154 of Freshwater Fishing Australia magazine leads the way in locations and techniques, for native fish and trout anglers.   Lubin Pfeiffer heads back to Lake Eildon to put some theories into practise and learns some valuable lessons along the way. Mat Skorupa gives us some great photography tips for capturing the moment and making the most of your fishing memories. Toby Grundy explores the tactics required to get more consistent double hook ups on impoundment golden perch. Colby Lesko takes us on a tour of the much talked about, but rarely visited Googong Dam chasing its golden perch. Andrew McGovern continues his globetrotting exploits targeting a myriad of freshwater species on soft plastics. In Part 2 of this informative piece Andrew details more key lessons learnt and how he has applied these to Australian waterways. Lubin Pfeiffer discovers the skill of slowing down as he uncovers the joys of fishing from the shore for trout in Tasmania. Bill Classon looks at Hatchery or artificial production of Murray cod in different areas, in what is a relatively ‘recent event’ (the late 1970’s), and notes interestingly that most of the pioneers that developed these techniques are still working in the industry to this day. Kane Dysart takes a look at the options available to anglers in Kakadu National Park. Casey Mattson discusses the trout tactics to get the most from the magical Kiewa River in Victoria. Brendon Spicer concludes his article on fishing metal lures for trout. Trevor Hawkins looks at Australia’s richest and largest freshwater fishing competition and outdoor lifestyle festival in Nagambie Victoria. Following on from his list of favourite dry flies, Trevor Hawkins nominates a few reliable wet flies for anglers fishing lakes. There’s a fantastic small boat and motors feature that lists what’s hot in this popular segment of the boat and motor market, and of course there are all our usual columns and product guides to get you through until issue #155 arrives.
  • Our Autumn issue of Freshwater Fishing Magazine #155, is jam-packed with the latest techniques and locations. No stranger to native fish, Lubin Pfeiffer explores new ground in search of an Aussie brawler that has, until now, eluded him. Toby Vesty discusses chasing cod in small waters. While Andrew McGovern details just how effective soft plastics are when searching for golden perch in rivers. It’s been a record-breaking summer for Murray cod and golden perch stocking into Lake Eildon as Marc Ainsworth explains in his contribution. Adam Royter offers some basic thoughts about using soft plastics to their full potential. Colby Lesko looks at the little things that make all the difference when chasing cod off the top. Trevor Hawkins suggests that once you get your head around the idea of paying people to take you fishing, hiring a guide can be the best investment you can make to speed up your learning curve on your home waters, or to put you onto fish when visiting foreign locations. While in another article, he suggests anglers should get back out there and start fishing after the devastating fires impacted Tasmania’s Central Highlands this past summer. There’s lots more of course, including all the latest gear, reviews and in depth columns.
  • Issue 156 of Freshwater Fishing Australia magazine is another bumper issue containing our Father’s Day special feature. Old fishing techniques never fully disappear, but often morph to reflect modern practises, and so it is here as Stephen Booth looks at the massive technological leap of fishing grubs near trees for golden perch. Discovery is the essence of becoming a better fly fisher as Casey Pfeiffer explains. Colby Lesko takes us on a tour of the fishing possibilities of the Moyne River in Victoria’s south-west. Chasing bass in wild, unforgiving environments can be one of the most rewarding ways to catch these bronzed bruisers under the cloak of darkness.  Lubin Pfeiffer runs through the tactics he uses to produce large topwater explosions from the Murray River’s resident giants. Toby Grundy outlines the techniques, lure choices and likely areas to target that can produce big bass when they are in shut down mode. Lubin Pfeiffer runs us through a Western Lakes day pack and what you need to get out there and experience this Tasmanian fishery for yourself.  Ben O’Brien and his mate finally get to visit an iconic trout fishing event. Nathan Huizing gives readers a run down on targeting the trophy brown trout of Tasmania. Trevor Hawkins suggests a few Victorian winter trout options. Aussie lure makers are like no others in the world! Their ranks include artists and craftsmen of outstanding ability – there are probably over 500 active independent makers existing at present. Chris Ghosn targets two iconic Australian species in one epic trip. Trevor Hawkins suggests winter can often be the best time to target big browns and rainbows. Trevor Hawkins suggests that doing the ‘outdoors stuff’ with your kids can be some of the best time of your kids’ life, and also give you some great memories to ‘boot’. Read all of the above and far more, including the latest gear, reviews and in-depth columns in this latest issue.
  • Our Spring issue #157 of Freshwater Fishing Magazine is out now and packed with great tips and techniques. With some boat ramps and access points around Lake Eucumbene high and dry, Andrew McGovern provides some valuable intelligence on how to successfully catch trout when fishing landbased. Simon Fitzpatrick looks at the topical subject of cod breeding in impoundments and discusses some vital information for keen cod anglers. John Cahill looks at recent survey works on Victoria’s Lake Eildon and draws some exciting conclusions about this very popular fishery. Lubin Pfeiffer runs through the techniques needed to become super effective while fishing Tasmania’s lakes using sinking fly lines. Dean Norbiato takes a spin back in time to reacquaint himself with a Murray cod Messiah - the humble spinnerbait. Toby Grundy outlines everything he has learnt fishing bass flats, including where to find these areas, lure selection and the successful techniques. Colby Lesko discusses trout fishing on top with the bent minnows. Casey Pfeiffer runs through the basics on selecting the correct fly gear and best techniques to catch trout on Tasmania’s Mersey River. Trevor Hawkins visits some special places in the northern part of the Kosciuszko National Park. The modern angling environment is not short of lure options; any form of fishing or technique has a variety of tackle available, and in instances requiring very specific lure modification, there is a growing availability of lure customizing products as well as small business dedicated to the trade as Chris Frith explains. Lake Purrumbete in Victoria offers some outstanding fishing opportunities for all fishing disciplines, but its real appeal comes from the quality of its trolling and baitfishing opportunities as Trevor Hawkins explains. Our extensive ‘fishing for Murray cod on lures’ FEATURE is in this issue and chasing cod on lures is now arguably the most popular form of freshwater fishing in Australia at present! There’s always more of course, including all our regular columns.
  • Welcome to issue 158 of Freshwater Fishing Magazine. Packed full of amazing articles and offers for your holiday reading. The social and mainstream media saturation of chasing Murray cod with lures has introduced a myriad of new anglers to our wonderful sport.  Andy McGovern provides a reminder there is more to cod fishing than swimbaits, glidebaits and wakebaits that will tempt our mighty green fish. Adam Royter explains a few basic trout spinning tips on how to select lures for different water conditions, and he does it in his own unique style. With such a variety of lures available on the shelves of tackle stores, swimbaits have certainly earnt a place Aussie tackle boxes according to Dan Nogare. Chris Errity travels to one Northern Territory river that fishes well early in the wet season, the picturesque Daly River. Lake Wendouree is nestled in the middle of Ballarat, a bit over an hour from Melbourne, and it’s a favourite for local angler Shane Stevens.  Lubin Pfeiffer runs through the tactics he uses to find golden perch in the South Australian stretch of the Murray River. Trevor Hawkins revisits the home waters of one of his favourite writers. The Tully River System is one of the most aesthetically pleasing and picturesque places Colby Lesko ever fished, and shares his thoughts here. Walking a meandering, rainforest stream into the wilderness may not be every angler’s idea of an idyllic fishing scenario. It can be extremely taxing on the mind and body, however for those anglers willing to push their bodies to breaking point, there are certainly great rewards to be reaped as Luke Galea explains. Trevor Hawkins discusses the state of Victoria’s ‘wild’ trout fishery in an environment of social and climactic change, and he also explores some remote Victorian ‘wild’ trout streams that can only be reached by extreme four-wheel driving or shanks’s pony. Brendon Spicer takes a look at the how, when and where of fishing soft plastic yabby patterns when chasing trout, while Lubin Pfeiffer discusses the ins and outs of hopper fishing for fly anglers. We have also included a Trout Lure Guide, in which we’ve featured the top 3 trout lures styles from Australian angler’s favourite brands. Roderick Walmsley discusses unlocking some of the puzzles posed by dam barramundi. There’s more of course, including all the regular columns, and all the latest news and reviews.
  • FRESHWATER PERCH NEW FISHERY SPECIAL 2014 GEAR SPRINGTIME TROUT NSW NATIVE FISH STOCK DATA QLD Angling in Archer River Northern Sweetwater Bass Extraction VIC Freshwater Perch NE Vic Trout Forecast Talbot Reservoir TAS Spotted Dogs and Mongrels NSW Return of the Cod Native Fish Stockings Pack Rafting High on Guthega FLY FISHER Victorian Smelters Lower Mataura Fly Gear Short Line VS Czech Nymphing Northern Sweetwater on Fly TECHNICAL Goldens Glore Hopping & Jigging for Goldens 2014 Gear Special Leader Logic
  • Be sure to get your copy of the bumper Christmas issue of Freshwater Fishing Issue #129! We've been all over Australia, with amazing fishing tips, techniques and reviews, it's a surprise we managed to fit it all in! Rod Mackenzie takes a look at big cod lures, we look at Carl Jocumsen's rise to be one of the best fishos in the world and Scott Gray checks out the Chinook Salmon fishing at Bullen Merri. All that and more in Freshwater Fishing Australia magazine!
  • Christmas may be over but the goodies just keep on coming in issue 130. It’s a veritable who’s who of the freshwater fishing scene explaining how to and where too! Bill Classon explains everything you need to know when fishing at Bonnie Doon on Lake Eildon. Dean Norbiato takes a peek at some Cod Candy, LubinPfieffer discusses undoing Lake Toolondo’s monster trout, Scotty Gray deciphers Lake Bullen Merri’s Bass and Michal Ryka exposes one of Tassies best trophy redfin lakes. There’s heaps more of course, we’ve got Bryan Pratt, Andrew McGovern, NoalKuhl, Peter Broomhall and many more. There’s too much to list when it comes to features, and on top of all that, we have the Regulars including rod building, boat reviews, FlyTalk and all the latest gear.