Spring is upon us, and as the water and air temperatures begin to warm, a whole new variety of fish species and fishing techniques come into play. Fishing is one of those activities that almost anyone can enjoy, yet when it comes to participation women don’t feature heavily in the numbers, and this lack of ladies in fishing is something that the Victorian Fisheries Authority (VFA) wants to change. Read about what they are planning to correct this imbalance. Colby Lesko explores Mission Beach, a tropic fisher’s paradise located some 2 hours drive south of Cairns. If youre planning to visit, this makes a great read. Nige Webster takes us on a remote trip that offered some mind-blowing fishing and lessons learnt, in this article he explains how isolated sea mount fisheries work. After a lull in the early 2000’s when Aussie lure maker numbers declined, there has been a sudden resurgence, and in this issue, we look at Aussie luremakers who are world standouts, and above all are – innovative – resourceful and extremely talented. The Australian Fishing and Trade Association (AFTA) 2018 annual show was recently held on the Gold Coast. It attracts manufacturers, distributers and retailers of the fishing industry, and ancillary outdoor equipment suppliers. In this issue we feature a full round up of what’s hot and new for your tackle bag in the coming months. All that and more, including Yak Fisher, can be found in this issue of Sportfishing Australia Magazine! Download your issue now.

    Sport Fishing Australia Magazine Issue 77 – Our holiday issue and holiday season is finally here, and as the waters begin to warm, vast ‘schools’ of different fish species and fishing techniques come into play for Australian anglers. Whether you’re visiting for a family holiday, or a local angler, you will find the fishing is fantastic and something fishy to catch at Port Stephens, as Nick Brown explains. Gary Brown shares his tips and tricks for snagging a bream or two from the bream rich waters of the majestic Shoalhaven River. There is nothing easy about consistently catching red emperor fish, they’re elusive, tend to be most active at night, fight incredibly hard, and sharks love to eat them when you do finally hook one. Despite all of these set-backs, Chris Raimondi can’t get enough of these fish, and he explains why. Chris Ghosn fishes Sydney Harbour and showcases what it has on offer in this issue, while Pat Williams chases northern bluefin tuna on the north coast of New South Wales. If you’d like to catch more mackerel, read Dave Magner’s article where he explains a simple approach that leads to consistent captures. Fraser Island is famous for its beach fishing, but what is less well-known is the variety of fishing that is on offer along its western shore flats. Sean Thompson shares some of his top tips for targeting Fraser’s flats. Wayne Kampe heads to the fish rich waters off Exmouth to tick off a bucket list fish – billfish on fly!
  • Autumn is upon us, and as the water begins to cool a whole new list of fish species and fishing techniques come into play for Australian anglers. In issue #73 of Sport Fishing Australia we turn our attention to fishing for kingies, bluefin tuna, golden perch, Murray cod and more.
  • Issue 71 of Sport Fishing Australia Magazine is packed full of great Spring fishing tips, techniques and location guides. As the weather and water temps warm up so to will the fishing around Australia, and our leading team of angling authors are well placed to share locations and techniques for readers to take advantage of local and distant fishing options. Featuring articles showcasing relatively new and exciting methods that could be the trick to unlocking more reds this spring and Scott Gray shares his top tips to inspire you to give microjigging a go. Tucked away on the border of South Australia and neighbouring Victoria is the magical Glenelg River – a place that Simon Cardone can’t recommend highly enough. Sam Kitzke gives us the lowdown on tactics for micro-jigging the shallow inside reefs of Moreton Bay. Andrew McGovern confesses his love for targeting mangrove jack and describes various methods to help you pull a few out of their snag-ridden homes. Pat Williams enjoys fishing for drummer for many reasons, but perhaps none more so than their downright dirty fighting abilities. He shares his tips for pulling them out of their rocky lairs with lighter than normal tackle. Gary Brown takes us on a tour of the Port Hacking River system and lists his top 10 landbased and boat based locations, as well as the best techniques to fish them. There’s also a roundup of the latest products hitting the tackle stores following the 2015 AFTA Show, so before hitting the water this Spring, make sure you’re prepared with the latest information and tackle: you’ll find it all in the pages of Sport Fishing Australia Magazine.
  • Sport Fishing Australia Issue 70 This issue of Sport Fishing Australia Magazine is packed full of great Winter fishing tips, techniques and location guides. Sam Hitzke delivers on the latest techniques using medium sized sinking minnows on pelagics. Luderick have traditionally always been fished for with weed suspended under a float using a long rod and centre pin reel. Shannon Kitchener shows us how to catch just as many on traditional threadline gear! Andrew McGovern takes on three Snowy Mountain dams In three days with some fantastic results. We look at the science of southern bluefin tuna tracking and research across southern Australia and Scott Gray talks about the increasing popularity of lure casting to SBTs. Peter Morris talks GTs and then we have a look at the latest tackle for squid in Egi 2015. Nige Webster outlines tournament strategy that shows how to catch flathead. All that and more in the latest edition of Sport Fishing Australia magazine!   Yak Fisher Issue 30 Achievement deserves recognition, and in this issue 30 of Yak Fisher presents the inaugural Yak Fisher Awards 2014, Congratulations to our winners, Yak Fisher raises a toast in your honour!Yak Fisher glitz and glamour aside, there’s plenty to get excited about in the Winter issue. Justin Wilmer pens a read that delves into Holding Kayak Position. Dave Magner thinks outside the square with a look at Vertical Jigging for. Bass. Tasmanian Trout are also on Yak Fishers Winter menu, as Gard Saxon walks us through his take on fishing the Apple Isles pristine salmonid waters. With cool winter water temperatures about, it’s often amazing what can be found sunning themselves high on the banks. To add to the winter fireside reading, there’s Yak Review of the Viking ProfishGT and Wilderness Systems Thresher, and Gear Review of Sea to Summit Fishing PFD, Scott Lovig Kayak Fishing Dry Pants, and AT Odyssey paddle. Winter issue is a fully loaded. Grab a coffee, sit back and enjoy