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    SinkerLock is disruptive technology.  It changes the way we have done things for the last 100 years.  No more swinging hooks and sinkers.  No more tangles.

    Made out of super tough material and virtually indestructible.  Heavy duty stainless marine components.

    Fits 99% of rods.  Boat rods, soft bait rods, surf casters, spin rods and most others.

    Fitted caps and guards to protect your line.

    A must have for all anglers!



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    Trol A Matic is the best device to slow down for supreme control while trolling. This baffle systems slows your boat right down! When your boat is on the plane, the spring-loaded system simply pops up out of the way and you're back to full speed! Best of all, it's lightweight and doesn't corrode! Designed for any engine 40HP and above.
  • RoboCup



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    RoboCup is a portable caddy that securely holds two drinks, cups, bottles, liquids, rods, poles, drum sticks, tools, gear, personal belongings, phone, keys, glasses, GPS, flashlight, cane and more. With no tools required, this innovative RoboCup holder instantly clamps to both round and flat surfaces up to nearly 2” maximum. The RoboCup is perfect all year long for a world of uses including fishing, boat / boating, camping, golfing, beach umbrella, hunting, and much much more!   COLOURS CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK - Will be available soon!
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  • Aussie Redfin Swimbait


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    Who wants to catch a Murray Cod?? YES - then this is the ultimate BIG COD attractor lure for you!! Incredible action from a new type of Soft Plastic...Formula X! This new Formula X plastic is softer and tougher than traditional soft plastic. It is the ultimate soft bait material.


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    -Velcro adjustable strap to fit all sizes -Two-sided stainless steel blades and stainless steel rivet set in a black ABS plastic for ultimate durability and safety


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    THE KNOTTER - DON'T FISH WITHOUT IT!!!! Quickly tie perfect fishing knots with The Knotter Fishing Knot Tying tool. THE EASIEST & FASTEST way to tie a perfect Fishing Knot every time! The Knotte