• BUSHMAN BROOKS - TANNING & TECHNIQUES Rated M – Rec. for mature audiences. An information packed episode on tanning skins, setting up a new hunting bow and good shooting form.
  • BUSHMAN BROOKS HUNTING THE HIGH COUNTRY Dave Brooks is taking you on a weekend adventure in the Australian bush. He’ll be four wheel driving into his favourite campsite and from there will take you bow hunting goats.
  • BUSHMAN BROOKS NEW ZEALAND Rated M - recommended for mature audiences. Filmed on the beautiful South Island of New Zealand, Bushman Brooks explores the amazing countryside while hunting Himalayan Thar. This DVD has something for everyone.
  • BUSHMAN BROOKS THE BORDER RANGES Rated M – Rec. for mature audiences. Bushman Brooks explores the Border Ranges of NSW/QLD. Bush tucker, bushcraft, bush remedies, survival tips, 4WD, freshwater fishing, Bowhunting, rifle shooting and spotlighting.

    Diary of a Sambar Hunter is an awesome DVD consists of 92 minutes of footage covering 6 year pursuit of Sambar Deer. The footage illustrates rarely observed animal behaviour of a unique and misunderstood deer species. Add these to your next order ... Limited stocks of this unique DVD.  
  • Join Clayton Wood and his mates as they share with you numerous action packed Australian bow hunts from the past 4 years. Enjoy footage of successful ethical bow hunts for fallow bucks, red stags, foxes, billy goats and sambar.
  • EDGE OF DIVIDE/HOOKED ON BOWHUNTING Rated MA15+ Restricted. Full on bowhunting action. Captured as it happened along the edge of the Great Dividing Range. Witness plenty of close up footage of pigs, goats, foxes, rabbits and fallow deer.
  • FALLOW DEER HUNTING Join Owen Kay and his team on a Great Southern Hunt for fallow deer in southern NSW. Never before seen footage of huge fallow deer herds, bucks fighting and rutting and deer just being deer.
  • FERAL GAME 2 Rated MA15+ Features a variety of hunts on a number of introduced animals from foxes to buffalo, all of which have adapted well and now call many parts of Australia home. Witness quality, close up, easy watching footage of many of these feral animals!