SPORT FISHING AUSTRALIA 75Sport Fishing Australia Magazine

Sport Fishing Australia Magazine Issue 75 –Spring is upon us, and as the water begins to warm a whole new variety of fish species and fishing techniques come into play. Traditional bait fishing methods have been the go-to methods for decades on Victoria’s snapper, but of late, soft plastics have also come to the fore, but now it’s time for vibes to shine when chasing ‘reds’ according to Jarrod Day. Andrew McGovern unlocks some secrets and techniques in some of the more unusual, yet still productive areas to target the illusive ‘Grey Ghost’ otherwise known as Mulloway.

Jamie Crawford divulges the vast amount of opportunities available to boaties when exploring Port Lincoln’s fish-rich waters. Peter Morris shares the secrets to successfully fish Borumba’s many backwaters, whileRoderick Walmsley talks about the importance of rigging your plastics correctly, and questions whether to mount it on a jighead or to fish it weedless.

Pat Williams discusses the challenges of catching big flathead in heavily fished waters and how to overcome them to ensure a successful session. Brent Hodges knows the benefits of fishing the southern estuaries during spring, and with a diverse range of species on offer, it pays to start prospecting as soon as possible. Brent shares some tips to help you get amongst the action as the weather warms up. We showcase the AFTA gear winners for 2016, and share the information on all the products that were deemed by the retail sector to standout products for the coming season. All that and more can be found in this issue of Sportfishing Australia Magazine!

About Sport Fishing Australia magazine

Sport Fishing Australia Magazine (formerly Saltwater Sport Fishing) was the brainchild of Bill Classon. Although initially dedicated to providing saltwater only information, it has subsequently grown to include freshwater content. The publication hits shelves quarterly and has been in existence since 1997. The magazine has always used our most recognised fishing journalists as well as emerging new talent to collate the best quality and most current fishing information. The publication has developed a captivating “text book” style over the years. This includes a mix of detailed technical information, great photography and artistic diagrams to ensure you walk away with the know how to improve your results.

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