Product Description


Waterproof Bags – The WASP Bags are perfect for carrying and protecting all your essential items when in the outdoors. Available in Baby Wasp (small) and King Wasp (large) they are incredibly durable and tough.  The King WASP has a larger capacity and is perfect for when you have to carry and protect a bit more gear.

Features include: 

  • Constructed from a quality thermo welded PVC Tarpaulin – a super tough material
  • Unique seal keeps water and sand away from your gear – you can even swim with it!
  • Airtight seal means that when not over packed and sealed with air in it, the WASP will float in water if it goes overboard
  • When sealed, the Baby WASP measures about 30cm tall, has a diameter of 15cm and a 5 litre capacity
  • When sealed, the King WASP measures about 40cm tall, has a diameter of 25cm and a 20 litre capacity
  • Fully adjustable and super handy shoulder strap (extra wide on the King Wasp)
  • Extra wide opening on the King Wasp makes it easy to pack and the new internal pocket makes it easy to find smaller things like keys and coins
  • Sun and saltwater resistant clips and buckles
  • Trimming on opening makes opening and closing the WASP easy
  • The WASP Bag No Sting Guarantee

These waterproof bags are available in Black, Blue, Red and Yellow.  A great waterproof bag that will protect your gear when near or out in the water.