Product Description


Super Scissors are designed to withstand the most demanding household tasks. These multi-purpose scissors are precision engineered with finely machined stainless steel blades and rubberised non-slip handles.

The Scissors come apart for easy and thorough hygienic cleaning. Every pair comes with its own matching magnetic sheath for easy access and storage.

Suitable for all types of usage.  Cuts meat and poultry.  Collect your herbs from the garden to use fresh in your cooking.  Keep a pair in the boat to scale your freshly caught fish.  Open bottles with the handy bottle opener attached to the grips.  Crack nuts easily between the handle grips.  The list of uses is never ending.  Keep a pair in the kitchen drawer, glove box of the car, in the shed, as well as the boat and caravan.  You will never be

The scissors pull apart for easy cleaning and are dishwasher safe.