Product Description

Pelican 9420XL LED Work Light Kit

The Pelican 9420XL LED Work Light Kit will now you let you start your day before sunrise if you have this new portable kit in your tool crib. Equipped with two LEDs (1000 lumens of light and 4 hours of run time), plus a 5 foot high mast deploys easily in seconds and illuminates your entire work area. With the 9420 you will get the job done without the hassle of power cords.

Accessing those hard to get areas is now easy when you sling the lightweight and collapsible 9420 over your shoulder. The new Pelican 9420XL LED Work Light keeps you moving at the speed of light.  This system provides you with the flexibility and mobility you need when working in remote locations.  The long run time will allow you to work without power to get those jobs done when access to power is not possible.  Just charge the 9420XL up when you get back home and it will be ready for the next job.

The 1000 lumens of light will illuminate your whole work area, allowing you to get that early start you need, or keep going when the daylight hours end.

Don’t just use it for work – you know what they say about all work and no play!  Not getting away until after dark for that weekend away.  The Pelican 9420XL LED Work Light Kit can be easily put in the car to use at your destination so you can set up camp with no hidden problems!!

The 9420XL LED Work Light Kit includes a Blow-molded Case, Lithium-ion Batteries, DC Vehicle Charger, AC Main Charger with Transformer, Charging Station, and Easy Carry Shoulder Strap

  • Blow-molded Case
  • Lithium-ion Batteries Included
  • AC Main Charger with Transformer Included
  • Charging Station Included
  • Powerful LED Work Light Kit – Lightweight and collapsible
  • Deploys to 5 ft (1.52m)
  • High/Low Water Resistant Switch
  • Battery and Charger included
  • Easy Carry Shoulder Strap