Product Description

Pelican 9420 LED Light Rechargeable

Pelican 9420 LED light rechargeable will let you start your day before sunrise and extend it to after sunset. The portable Pelican 9420 LED Light is a must product in your tool crib.

Equipped with two LED’s (1000 lumens of light and 4 hours of run time), the 9420 collapsible light will brighten up any work area.  The rechargeable lithium-ion battery allows you to work without the hassle of needing power.  You now will be able to work in those remotes spots.  Just charge the battery up when you get back so it will be ready for the next job.

Providing you with an adjustable height control of up to 5 foot, it is sure to illuminate your whole work area and also those hard to get at places.  The swivel head of the 9420 LED light lets you focus the light on the area where you need it the most without having to move the whole light.

With the Pelican 9420 you will get the job done without the hassle of power cords, added bonus of a rechargeable battery and adjustable height control.

Don’t just use it for work – you know what they say about all work and no play!  Not getting away until after dark for that weekend away.  The Pelican 9420 Light can be easily put in the car to use at your destination so you can set up camp with no hidden problems!!

Included with the Pelican 9420 LED Light, 1 Lithium-ion Battery,  AC Main Charger with Transformer and Charging Station.