Product Description


The ION Air Pro 2 WIFI Camo Cam comes with its 14MP sensor and 180 degree FOV (field of view).  The iON Camo Cam takes the crown as the highest megapixel POV camera in the marketplace. Other features include the ability to attach an external microphone (not waterproof), ultra-light weight of 130grams and 2.5 hour battery life.

To enhance the outdoor experience, as the name suggests, Camo Cam is wrapped in authentic Realtree Xtra camouflage.  This will ensure your camera won’t be the one standing out in your outdoor activities.

The lightweight camera attaches easily to the sports mount which is corrosion and heatproof.  This makes the ION Camo Cam durable for all outdoor, marine or saltwater situations.

The CamoCam boasts a 14MP still image sensor for crystal clear vibrant images.  You will be impressed with your camera work, just at the touch of a button!

The following accessories come as standard with the iON Camo Cam:

  • Car USB charger
  • Sports mount
  • USB cable
  • EZ Camlock
  • Safety strap
  • Wi-Fi PODZ