Product Description

Aqua Vu Micro Av Plus DVR Highlights

The Aqua Vu Micro Av Plus DVR Highlights is a complete underwater camera system that is the same size as a smart phone! It works great both on and off the boat and can also be used for a variety of above water uses like looking into tight spaces.

The Aqua Vu Micro Plus with DVR has all the same features as the plus system but also includes a built-in DVR with a 8 gigabyte internal memory to capture all the great action. The captured video can be reviewed and shared with others to further enhance your viewing experience.

Complete with 50-feet of 22lb test cable, quarter size camera head, features two invisible infrared lights with an on/off button for various light conditions, 3 1/2″ diagonal display with IP67 water proof case and lithium ion rechargeable batteries this is the premiere handheld portable viewing unit!


• Vivid 1-MP MICRO Cam with IR Lighting
• 50-feet Camera Cable • Built-in DVR/8-GB Hard-Drive
• 3X Digital Zoom
• USB Port/Video Out
• Li-Ion Battery / Charger