Product Description


The Anglers Journal and Almanac will help you to be a successful angler by recording your trip and catch details for future use. When a diary also contains plenty of technical information to help you catch more fish then it’s a necessity.

The Anglers Journal & Almanac for late 2016 through 2017 has solar and lunar peak fish activity and feeding times, the tides for each Australian State with local variations, basic knots and rigs, selected fish weight from length conversion tables, basic boating regulations and lure colour selection charts based on depth and the prevailing conditions.

With plenty of pages to record your catches and the conditions on the day, this book will be every angler’s constant reference.

The Anglers Journal and Almanac is brought to you by the experts from Freshwater Fishing Australia and Sportfishing Australia magazines.


  • Solar and Lunar Fishing Charts to find the peak times when fish are feeding. These charts are the best available, devised and tuned for Australia and local conditions. They will give the avid angler a definite advantage over their targeted fish.
  • Tide Predictions for all states with local variations. Plan your trip for the optimum tides.
  • Basic Knots will help you to quickly tie the knots that will help you to hook fish faster and keep them hooked.
  • Basic Boating Regulations and safety tips to ensure that everyone enjoys their day on the water.
  • Fishing Diary to record the conditions and results of your trip to help you plan for successful fishing trips in the future.

You will want to keep the Anglers Journal and Almanac with you at all times whether fishing, planning to go fishing or reliving your past captures.

Flexibound cover.  96 pages.