• In this episode, Jon and Adam take a raw, unboxed compound bow and rig it ready to shoot arrows. Join them as they take you through the entire process, from installing the peep sight to sighting in. They leave no stone unturned to set up this bow. If you are new to the sport or just want to learn more, then this is the show for you!
  • SAMBAR SAFARI VOLUME 3 Few individuals have had as direct and as powerful an influence on the sport of fishing as did Zane Grey. Thrill to epic battles with giant blacks and blues, strippers, sailfish, yellowfin tuna, tigers, threshers and even steelhead.
  • SAMBAR SAFARI VOLUME 2 Rarely does a sequel come close to capturing the excitement and thrill of the original. With never before seen archive footage of the first long range trips, circa 1950, Tuna II takes us through the evolution of fishing tuna.
  • SAMBAR SAFARI VOLUME 1 Having hunted Sambar Deer for over 30 years, Noel has acquired an intimate knowledge of their behaviour and habits.He has twice won the Australian Deer Association National Best Video Award, and this DVD is a testment to his patience and skill as a hunter. This is a great DVD with fantastic footage of the elusive Sambar Deer.
  • OVER THE SHOULDER Filmed in the Brisbane and Mary Valleys on Diaper Station with Queensland Bowhunting Safaris. Check our 6 monster trophies during the hour of raw bowhunting action.

    Hunting Sambar Deer - The Ultimate Challenge has been put together by Noel O'Connor who has been hunting sambar deer for over 40 years. Noel has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and understanding on how to hunt and film this highly regarded deer species. Noel’s skills as a hunter and a cameraman have seen him win the highly coveted Australian Deer Association Best Wild Deer Video Award on eight occasions.

    Share the thrills and excitement as he gets up very close and personal with over 50 different Sambar deer throughout this DVD. The incredible footage that he has captured is featured in the seven chapters on this DVD. They cover Tips & Techniques, Use of Optics, Tree Stand Hunting, Hunting with Gun Dogs, Bush Stalking, Hunting in Regrowth, Hunting Fringe Country.

  • HUNTING RUSA DEER IN AUSTRALIA This latest release from Noel O’Connor is filled with the wealth of detail that we have come to expect from one of Australia’s premier deer hunters. The history, size, weight, habitat, and description of this elusive species is fully detailed.

    Hunting Rusa Deer with Noel O'Connor, was filmed in New Caledonia.  The DVD follows the adventures of 4 hunters as they embark on a guided hunt. Watch as they get to glass hundreds of deer each day, and share their excitement as each hunter gets to select and shoot a trophy of a lifetime. From the coastal mangrove swamps to the mountain ranges of this beautiful country the deer numbers are astounding.
  • HUNTING RED DEER Having hunted Deer for over 35 years, Noel O’Connor has acquired an intimate knowledge of their behavior and habits.
  • HUNTING CHITAL DEER Having hunted Deer for over 35 years, Noel O’Connor has acquired an intimate knowledge of their behavior and habits.
  • The boys are back into it again, traveling to some of the most remote places in Australia matching their hounds with the nastiest boars they can find. This time around Matty takes you on a full hunt from start to finish and manages to put 11 cracking boars on the ground and still make it home in time for lunch. Bryce and Craig are still hunting hard in the Gulf and they have captured some unreal one out action with some great Gulf boars. Meet Craig’s top dog Xena, see some of her great finds and battles as she never lets us down! The hounds have played their part again as they continue to put their lives on the line over and over again allowing the boys to capture some unreal bailing, holding, finding and hit up footage. Hogs Dogs Quads 3 has better footage, better sound and we think overall a better DVD!
  • HOGS OF OZ II Rated MA15+ Following closely in the foot steps of the highly successful Hogs of Oz. You’ll witness many hunts targeting Australia’s most sought after game animal, the feral pig. Clear quality, close up footage and plenty of boars being hunted!
  • HOGS OF OZ 3 Rated MA15+ Join experienced hunters and travelling to amazing locations such as the basalt wall, Cape York and NSW ranges. Action packed!
  • HOGS OF OZ Over an hour of full on PIG HUNTING! Travelling to 3 different Australian locations from NSW ranges to Cape York! Get an over the shoulder view of these hunters in action as they share with you some of the methods and ways of successfully killing the feral pig!

    For the beginners to the pros, join the team from Hogs Dogs and Quads, Matty, Bryce with their team of hounds in an exciting, full speed, action packed DVD. Watch the boys' dogs find, chase, bait and hit up on big boars.
  • HIGHLAND SAFARIS - SOUTH PACIFIC HUNTING ADVENTURES - SERIES 2 Experience the thrills and excitement as the team from Highland Safaris come face to face with Australia’s true big game animals and take some awesome trophies.