• WHITING FISHING TACTICS Join Lee Rayner from as he takes us through the basics of fishing for Whiting in shallow and deeper waters. Lee shows us step by step how to rig lines, what bait and rods to use, plus more!
  • UNDERSTAND YOUR DEPTH SOUNDER Rick Huckstepp shows all the important information to assist you in understanding and using your depth sounder.
  • In Fly Tying Basics, Jack Dennis demonstrates the basics of fly tying with simple, step by step instructions. There's also information on the tools required, selection of materials and the basics elements of flies. In the 2nd disc, Fly Materials, Scott Sanchez shows you how to tie flies using both traditional and new materials. Scott has gained a reputation for creating innovative flies made from experimental materials, and now you can put those flies to the test!
  • In this episode, Jon and Adam take a raw, unboxed compound bow and rig it ready to shoot arrows. Join them as they take you through the entire process, from installing the peep sight to sighting in. They leave no stone unturned to set up this bow. If you are new to the sport or just want to learn more, then this is the show for you!
  • Expand your fly tying skills with Mike Lawson and Jack Dennis in Tying Western Dry and Trout Flies. This DVD is packed with easy to understand tips on how to tie their most effective dry flies. You'll find out how to select the right materials, with a look at deer, caribou, elk, moose hair and calf tail hairs.
  • TYING JD NEWEST PATTERNS In this video discover the magic of Jack’s new Para-Wulff series of dry flies. This revolutionary new method of forming a divided wing parachute allows the Hair Wing Wulff series to become spring creek and stillwater killers.
  • In Volume 2 of Tying Flies with Jack Dennis, Jack and his fly tying mates show you a range of new patterns and tying methods to help you catch more fish. Jack Dennis is joined by Mike Lawson, Gary Lafontaine, Guy Turck, JayBuchner and more, as they take you through step by step instructions to tie a range of flies for different environments and situations.
  • TYING FLIES WITH JACK DENNIS - VOL 1 This is the first in a series of DVDs which profiles Jack Dennis’ best selling book ‘Tying Flies with Jack Dennis and Friends’. Learn flies such as the Cross Cut Scud, Chernobyl Ant, Snake River Muddler.