• There are parts of the South Island that most New Zealanders don’t get to see. Tour the isolated Muzzle Station amongst the Kaikoura Mountains, visit central Lake Sumner, experience rainforest and river crossings in the west and enjoy challenging four wheel driving.  
  • A HUNTER'S GUIDE TO SAMBAR DEER An excellent behavioural study of free range wild sambar deer. Contains a broad range of hunting tips and advice which will help the viewer in the location and pursuit of this magnificent game animal.
  • A HUNTER'S GUIDE TO SAMBAR DEER 2 A range of specialised hunting tips and techniques, a dedicated bedding feature and a variety of unique scenes displaying a wide range of stags, hinds and juveniles.
  • ADVANCED SNAPPER TACTICS If you want to know more about catching our northern snapper on deep and shallow water soft plastics, hardbody lures, jigs, live and dead baits and some of the sneaky secrets the experts use to catch their fish, then you must watch this production!
  • With Lefty Kreh's All New Fly Casting Techniques DVD, you'll learn to make longer and more accurate casts, with less effort in a shorter time than ever before - a dream for any fisho! The DVD follows a totally new approach to fly casting that's based on three simple techniques, and it will improve the fly casting ability of anyone - whether a beginner or advanced.
  • Legendary fisho Micah Adams presents Australian Inshore Saltwater Flyfishing - an informative, instructional and comprehensive guide to catching saltwater fish on the fly. If you're ready to expand your flyfishing to saltwater species, then the Australian Inshore Saltwater Flyfisging DVD is an essential tool!
  • BACKPACK HUNTING FOR HOGS The ultimate hog hunting DVD.
  • BACKPACK HUNTING FOR HOGS - 2 The ultimate hog hunting DVD.
  • BAITING SNAPPER TECHNIQUES Kelvin Bertacchini has been fishing for snapper for most of his life. Now a successful Charter Boat skipper with Online Fishing Charters, he either fishes Port Phillip Bay or Western Port for most of the snapper season. In this DVD he shows exactly what the best snapper rigs are for Port Phillip Bay and how to hook your bait to get a guaranteed hookup everytime. He covers what hooks to use, leaders and best knots. Along the way there is plenty of snapper catching action as well as some stunning and u