• This delightful 160 page book provides delicious, tasty and quick recipes for those cooking on the move and limited by time or exotic ingredients. Its detailed instructions on how to use your barbecue, camp oven, Dream Pot, Safari and Shuttle Chef and Misty Gully Smokehouse will make you an instant ‘on the road’ cooking expert. You’ll find many of your old favourites in these pages plus plenty of new and improved recipes that are sure to please. Ingredients and cooking times are featured on each recipe page. Cooking has never been so easy for those constantly on the road or in the bush.
    "What a great concept! Delicious recipes, simple and easy to prepare - just ideal for those like me who are constantly on the road or in the bush" - Pat Callinan
  • Cooking in the bush has never been easier or tastier thanks to Australian Bush Cooking. This book covers everything from roasts to rissoles, salads to savouries and dampers to desserts. The recipes have all been designed so they can easily be cooked in the bush or on the road on an open fire, gas cooker or in a caravan.
  • Australian Fish & Seafood Cookbook

    The definitive guide to cooking great fish.

    Written by the most respected authorities on seafood in the country, this landmark publication contains all you need to know about selecting and preparing over 60 types of fish and seafood, including catching methods, notes on sustainability, flavour profiles and cooking guidelines.
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    Whether you are christening your first camp oven on an Ozpig in the back yard or catering for a bush wedding, there’s sure to be a recipe in the Camp Oven Recipes collection to entice the culinary senses and broaden the outdoor cooking abilities of people from all walks of life. The Cast Iron Boys are three young guys from South East Queensland, Australia who share a passion for the great outdoors and in particular for promoting the art of camp oven cooking. They wanted to create a recipe book that contained recipes using common everyday ingredients. A lot of recipe books contain “exotic” ingredients such as rabbit and camel, and their thoughts were that if people can’t buy it or it needs too many ingredients then people aren’t going to bother. The main concept for creating their cook book was that it contained easy to follow recipes that people will use, and that regular people can make, and this was important for getting people to use camp ovens more often. Camp Oven Recipes book features:
    • Spiral bound designed to lay flat for easy use for home or travel
    • Full colour images on every page
    • Easy to follow recipes using common ingredients
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    Cookery School Fish has all you need to know about the main ingredient that is seafood. This book is designed for both the novice and the experienced cook. Sections include: How to choose and store fish; preparation techniques such as filleting, scaling and boning, as well as equipment. Recipes cover: Roasting and Baking; Frying; Grilling and barbecuing; Poaching, Braising and Stewing; Steaming and microwaving; Raw, cured and smoked fish.
  • Quick Dinners In The Thermomix

    Quick Dinners in the Thermomix by Alyce Alexandra is her latest cookbook, and an injection of inspiration into the nightly Thermomix routine. Simple recipes filled with vibrant and delicious flavours will have dinner on the table in no time, and the whole family coming back for seconds. There’s super quick fix dishes on the table in 15 minutes, one bowl wonders to make clean-up a breeze, dinners that double as leftovers for lunch, hearty and comforting meals for chilly evenings and fresh ideas for when you are wanting something on the lighter side. Included are also a few super simple dessert recipes for those nights when a little sweet treat is in order.
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    The Australian landscape has a rich and diverse range of native food that most people from a non-indigenous background have never tasted. Many love the idea of using bushfood in their cooking but simply don't know what to do with it. This book is about utilizing simple home style recipes that incorporate native food, making the most of the unique flavours of Australian herbs, spices, fruits, nuts and berries. Australian home cooks are a passionate lot and we should be encouraged by the recent move to start embracing native food, using ingredients such as lemon myrtle, bush tomato and mountain pepper in recipes. Today both science and traditional knowledge work together to show how to gather, prepare and eat foods which have now been proven to be outstandingly healthy. The recipes in this book are easy to follow, quick to prepare and taste great, opening the door to experimenting more with native ingredients.

    Viv Moon's Outdoor Cookbook has been written specifically to help you get the most out of cooking during your travels, whether you are 4WD touring, camping, caravaning or simply holidaying. There's 178 tempting and flavoursome recipes, as well as plenty of hints and ideas to make your outdoors cooking as easy and enjoyable as possible.
  • Get the most out of cooking on your travels with Viv Moon's Travellers Cook Book. This cook book is packed with recipes that are ideal for caravanning, camping, 4WD touring or even just around the house! There's a wide variety of recipes from old favourites through to modern cuisine, and every one of them is simple and delicious!