Baby G

///Baby G

    Surf's up with the most advanced Baby-G surfing watch yet! Now, don't misunderstand, this isn't a watch for scuba diving (though you can of course use it for that too), this watch is specifically designed to give you the best shot at becoming a pro surfer! The watch is white so boys and girls can wear it. It is analogue/digital with the analogue markers standing out in a sharp silver tone, letting you see the markers much easier. It's got even more visibility at night with the backlight. Let's get into the main reason you're looking at this watch. Not only is it the first Baby-G Surfer watch to have a water resistance level of 200m (the previous series, the BLX, only had 100m) but apart from the tide graph it also has a Tidal Trend indicator, which will tell you what the tide should be like for the next 12 hours. If preparation is the key to victory, the BGA220 just opened the door!