• RPR GPS/UHF single holster - camo RPR GPS-UHF Double Holster

    RPR GPS-UHF Double Holster

    Protect your valuable electronics when you're out in the bush with the RPR GPS-UHF Double Holster. With a velcro pouch flap to keep your gear secure, tough yet lightweight canvas and fully adjustable straps to ensure that one size really does fit all.
  • Built tough, the RPR Working Dog First Aid Kit contains everything that you will require to help improvise, and sustain a badly cut-up-dog giving you more time to get to expert help. The kit contents are as follows:
    • Saline
    • Razor
    • Scissors
    • Forceps
    • Tape & Glue
    • Needle & thread
    • Bandages & Tampon
    • Skin Stapler & Remover


    Keep your GPS and UHF safe and secure with the RPR GPS UHF Holster Single. Made from a tough canvas this holster is the best way to look after your expensive electronic equipment when you're hunting. There's a velco pouch flap to keep everything secure and adjustable straps so one size really does fit all.
  • This is lighter weight style Rip Vest designed for minimum restriction to the dogs performance but still offers plenty of protection. Based on shade sail type material with a layer of seat belt for extra strength.
  • Ideal for hunting, the RPR Double Hound Lead allows you to easily keep 2 dogs secure at once. The lead is 1.2 metres long, and features brass swivel eye snap hooks and orange material for high visibility.
  • When you're out hunting and need to get your dogs running, the RPR Action Lead is the quickest way to send them on their way.
    GREAT DEAL - RUSA BOOK WITH RPR NELSON RIP VEST The book provides a comprehensive overview of a unique species of deer known as rusa. Chapters in the book include evolution, ecology and habits, indigenous ranges, the history of introductions of the species to Australia, New Guinea, New Zealand, New Caledonia and Mauritius. Also covered is information on how to judge a trophy rusa stag, the antler scoring systems and includes never (before) seen photos and personal recounts and photos.
    The RPR Nelson Rip Vest offers great protection for your dog. It is a Medium to heavy weight Rip Vest. Based on heavy duty polyester type strapping.
  • The RPR Hi Viz Orange yard collars are for dogs that require maximum collar strength if chained up. They are riveted for maximum strength and have a D-mount for clipping to lead. The strapping material is not only durable but also hard wearing and can be cleaned with ease. These collars will last for years. One size fits all.