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After several years screening on national community television and Foxtel, The AFN Fishing Show has a new home on 7Mate.

Tune in each Sunday afternoon (73 metro, 63 regional) for all of the tips, techniques and tricks from the experts to help you catch more fish!

Even if you’re just looking for a laugh Nige Webster, Bill Classon and the rest of the team and here to entertain!



Episode 12: Estuary Survival Challenge

Rod: Venom 7″ spin rod 12 to 20lb
Reel: ATC 5000
Line: 36lb Mustad Wish Braid
Lures: Zerek Live Cherabin
Zerek Fishtrap 65 and 95mm
Z-Man 5 & 7 inch soft plastic StreakZ Minnow
Berkley Frenzy Popper
Sunglasses: Spotters Cristo Frame and Extreme Lens

Spotters Sunglasses

Episode 11: Nomad Prize Winner Challenge

Stickbaits: Nomad Riptide 125mm & 200mm
Nomad Madscad 115mm
Jigs: Nomad Gypsy Jigs 60 – 80gm
Sunglasses: Spotters Sunglasses

Guide: Jason Hedges
Nomad Sportfishing
1800 021 014

Nomad Design Tackle
Spotters Sunglasses

Episode 10: Tropical GT Adventure

Regular Outfit

Rod: Venom Popping Rod PE 5
Reel: ATC Vigour 10000 Reel
Line: Mustad 80lb Braid

Light Outfit

Rod: Venom Stickbait Rod 30 to 50lb
Reel: ATC Vigour 8000 Reel
Line: Mustad 60lb Braid


Lures: Zerek Zappelin Lures
Gear: Kaiju Inline Single Hooks
Mustad Ball Bearing Swivels
Mustad SS Crane Swivels
Mustad Ultra SS Split Rings
Mustad Split Ring Pliers

Mustad Hooks
Wilson Fishing

Episode 9: Daly River Metre Barra & Bemm River Bream

Daly River

Rods: 6kg Rod
Line: Fins 30lb Braid & 70lb leader
Soft Plastic Lures: JM Gillies 6” Soft Mullet
Trolling Lures: Bomber Long A Saltwater 17A
Classic Bluewater F18
Classic Barra 120 15+

JM Gillies

Episode 8: Stickbaiting SA Kings & Portland Tuna

South Australia

Rods: Venom Stickbait Spin Rod 30 to 50lb
Reels: ATC Vigour 8000 Spin Reel
Line: Mustad Braid 70lb
Soft Plastic Lures: ZMan 7 Inch Scented Jerk ShadZ: Colour – Coconut Ice Glow
TT 1Oz HeadlockZ Jigheads
Stickbait Lures: Fish Inc. 120mm Wing
Fish Inc. 140mm Prop
Fish Inc. 160mm Hooker

Tackle Tactics

Episode 7: Darwin Offshore Adventure

Rods: Venom 7’ Spin Rod 12 to 30lb
Venom 7’ Spin Rod 20 to 60lb
Reels: ATC 5000 Spin Reel
ATC Vigour 8000 Spin Reel
Line: Mustad Wish Braid: 40lb & 70lb


Soft Plastics

Reef Lures: Z-Man 5 & 7 Inch Scented Jerk ShadZ: Coconut Ice Glow, Nuked Chicken Glow, Shiner
TT HeadlockZ Jigheads – 1 to 3 Oz: Sizes #4/0 to 8/0
Trolling Paddletail Soft Plastics: Z-Man 6 Inch SwimmerZ
Z-Man 8 Inch Mag SwimZ
Trolling Sailfish Soft Plastics: Z-Man 7 Inch Scented Jerk ShadZ: Colour – Coconut Ice Glow



Trolling Surface Hardbodies: Fish Inc. 140mm Prop
Fish Inc. 190mm Fullback

Tackle Tactics

Episode 6: Mary Cod Hatchery

Rods: Venom Spin and Baitcast Rods 6 to 15lb
Reels: ATC Reels
Line: Mustad Wish Braid: 40lbs
Lures: TT FroggerZ Spinnerbaits
EJ Todd LiveTarget Mullet
Watch: G-Shock Mudmaster Watch


Casio Watches

Episode 5: Burdekin Metre Barra

Rods: Venom 7’ Spin Rod 12 to 30lb
Venom 5’9 Spin Rod 6kg
Line: Mustad Wish Braid: 36 to 40lbs
60lb Fluorocarbon Leader
Lures: Zerek Fish Trap 95 & 110mm
Zerek Cherabin & Live Shrimp

Guide: John Campbell
JC’s Guided Sportfishing
0438 753 382

Mustad Hooks
Mustad Wish Braid
JC’s Guided Sportfishing

Episode 4: South Australian Jigging & Blue Rock Bass Challenge


Slow Pitch Jigging Gear

SA Slow Pitch Jigging Rods: Quest Metal Witch Jig Rods: PE 1.2 to PE 3
NS Black Hole Amped Slow Jig Rod PE 2 to 4
SA Slow Pitch Jigging Reels Okuma Metaloid Reel
SA Slow Pitch Line: Sunline Super PE Braid: 25 to 50lb
SA Slow Pitch Jigs: 60 to 100 grams
EJ Todd Explorer
Zetz Slow Blatt Slim; Oval; Type S, L, R Jigs
Maria, Slow Blatt & Vanfook Assist Hooks


Heavy Jigging Gear

SA Heavy Jig Rods: NS Black Hole Amped Jig Rods: PE 3 to 6 & PE 4 to 8.
SA Heavy Jig Line: Sunline Super Braid 5 in 80 to 100lb
SA Heavy Jigs: 100 to 300 gram
Slow Blatt L, Zetz Jigaro & Chaos Jigs
Vanfook BBS Assist Hooks #4/0


Blue Rock Bass Gear

Blue Rock Bass Rods: NS Black Hole 7’3″ Spin Rod 1-3lb
Blue Rock Bass Reel: 2500 size threadline reel
Blue Rock Bass Line: 4lb Sunline Super PE
Blue Rock Bass Lures: Soft Shell Cicada 40mm
Cicada II Bass Tune 35mm
Luckycraft Sammy 65mm
Lunkerhunt Pocket Frog

EJ Todd Website

Episode 3: Whiting State of Origin & Apollo Bay Trout

Whiting Gear

Whiting Rods: 2 to 4 kg weighted rods
Whiting Reels: Threadline reels in 2000 and 2500 sizes
Whiting Line: 4 to 6lb braided lines and 6 to 10lb fluorocarbon leaders
Whiting Hooks: Mustad baitholder hooks in size 4 to 8

Apollo Bay Fly Gear

Apollo Bay Fly Rod: 9 Foot Four Weight Rod
Apollo Bay Fly Line: Weight Forward #5 Floating Line, 12 Foot Leader, 4 lb Tippet
Apollo Bay Flies: Royal Wulff & Shaving Brush Dry Flies #14
Dropper with #16 Tungsten Nymph in Deeper Runs
Waders: Adanin iWader

Apollo Bay Lure Gear

Apollo Bay Rod: 1 to 3kg 4 piece Crucis Travel Rod
Apollo Bay Reel: 2500 size threadline reel
Apollo Bay Line: 4lb Windtamer Fins Braid, 4lb Maxima Leader
Apollo Bay Lures: 40-50mm shallow running minnows in natural colours
Waders: Adanin iWader

Mustad Hooks
Apollo Bay Website
Adanin iWader

Episode 2: Brisbane Threadfin and Tuna

Threadfin Lures: Zerek Fish Trap
Threadfin Rods: PE 2 to 4 Venom spin rods
PE 2 to 4 Venom Baitcast Rods
Bluefin Lures: Zerek Zapellin Stickbaits
Bluefin Rods: Venom Stickbait 30 to 50lb

Wilson Website

Episode 1: Swains Reef Jigging

Trolling Lures: Zerek Pelagic Z – Zerek Speed Donkey
Trolling Rods: Venom Jigging Rods PE 1 to 2
Surface Lures: Zerek Zappelin
Popping Rods: Venom Stickbait 30 to 50lb
Hooks: Mustad Kaiju In-line Single Hooks

Mustad Hooks


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